How we work

War on Want NI (WoWNI) is an international NGO with over 55 years’ experience. Our vision is a world where everyone has access to the resources they need to achieve their full potential. We deliver livelihood security programmes in Uganda and Malawi in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our specific expertise is working in partnership with local grassroots poverty alleviation organisations to support their growth and sustainability enabling them to help more of the world’s most vulnerable rural people achieve livelihood security. We provide financial, organisational and capacity building support to bring about sustainable livelihood security, increased household income and support people to access available resources. Our projects focus on breaking the poverty cycle with activities that support year round food supplies and sustainable income generation. Gender equality and empowerment, environment and HIV are cross cutting themes in all our areas of work. At home we fund raise, promote awareness of the causes and effects of poverty and, through our membership of international development coalitions, campaign and lobby decision makers for pro-poor policies.

The need

War on Want NI works in two countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In Malawi we work in the poorest regions in the south of the country, Machinga, Balaka and Zomba and in Uganda in Teso in the north east of the country. Our projects target communities that rely solely on their land for all of their food and to generate a little money by selling surplus produce to pay for education, medication, and other household needs.

The Approach

We work with and support local partners and the vulnerable small scale farmers’ groups they represent to provide: training in farming skills and income generating activities; and access to micro-finance. We work to effectively address the challenges of poverty and hunger;  climate change; dependency; and access to resources. Gender equality and empowerment, environment and HIV are also cross cutting themes in all our areas of work.

The Beneficaries

Our projects target the most vulnerable communities and families in the most deprived areas focusing on child headed households, orphans and other vulnerable children, widows and female headed households, people living with HIV and other disabilities and the elderly. In most cases we are the only organisation offering significant support at the time we start working with them.