War on Want NI works in two countries in sub-Saharan Africa; Malawi and Uganda.

In Malawi, we work in the poorest regions in the south of the country; Machinga, Balaka and Zomba. In Uganda, we work in Teso in the north east of the country. Our projects target communities that rely solely on their land for all of their food and to generate a little money by selling surplus produce to pay for education, medication, and other household needs.

Malawi is a largely agricultural country making efforts to overcome decades of underdevelopment. Its single major natural resource, agricultural land, is under severe pressure from rapid population growth. Most Malawians rely on subsistence farming, but the food supply situation is precarious and the country is prone to natural disasters of both extremes – from drought to heavy rainfall. War on Want NI has just completed a 3 year project in Malawi.

War on Want NI has been working in Teso district, north east Uganda since 2003. People from Teso district in north east Uganda suffered decades of armed cattle rustling and Lord’s Resistance Army insurgencies resulting in significant personal trauma, loss of life, child abductions and 80,000 people fleeing to live for decades in Internally Displaced People’s camps. Prolonged stays in the camps eroded their self-worth, promoted dependency, and increased HIV infection rates due to women engaging in commercial sex as a means to feed the family. Peace was restored and people returned home with nothing and to nothing. The environment has been under stress with increased periods of drought and flooding, and deforestation due in part to the influx of returnee people and the consequent timber harvesting for fuel and house building.

The Board

Our board members include: Marie Abbott (Chair), Valerie Sullivan (vice Chair), Danielle Mills (Secretary), Theresa Morrissey (Treasurer), Rev. Jim Cambell (board member) and Deirdre O’Brien (board member).